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Kids games have become extremely popular in recent years, with the global market estimated to be worth over $4 billion in 2022 and projected to grow at a rate of 22% through 2030 according to Kings Research. As technology advances and kids become more tech-savvy at younger ages, game developers are constantly evolving to offer new and innovative games to capture children's interest. Both educational and entertainment games are seeing growth, as parents look for ways to keep their kids engaged and learning through play. This article will explore some of the latest trends and new game releases hitting the market in June 2024 that are worth checking out.

Educational Games

Educational games continue to evolve and provide new ways for kids to learn critical skills while having fun. Some of the latest educational game releases in June 2024 include:

Learning game for Kids - Apps on Google Play- This app from Hippo features new minigames that teach toddlers skills like counting, matching, and problem solving through interactive gameplay. The games use bright colors, cute animal characters, and positive reinforcement to keep kids engaged.

Mini-games for kids for Android- This set of mini-games is designed to help kids ages 3+ develop skills in connecting dots, matching, and more. With simple interfaces and rewards, these games make learning fun.

Hippo: Airport Profession Game - Apps on Google Play- Kids can roleplay various airport jobs like pilot, flight attendant, and security officer in this game from Hippo. It provides an immersive experience to learn about airports and careers.

These new educational games use engaging gameplay and design to teach important skills while keeping kids interested and having fun.

Outdoor/Physical Games

Outdoor and active play is as important as ever for kids' development and health. Many new physical games released in 2024 encourage kids to get outside and get moving.

Some of the most popular new outdoor toys are swing sets and obstacle courses from brands like Step2 and Little Tikes. Swing sets like the Little Tikes Snug 'n Secure Swingprovide classic outdoor fun with updated safety features. Obstacle course kits like the Step2 Ninja Playland let kids run, jump, and climb in the backyard.

Backyard sports gear is another hot trend, with games like spikeball, kanjam, and cornhole surging in popularity. These games get the whole family playing together outside.

For more independent play, ride-on toys remain a favorite way for kids to get exercise outdoors. From pedal cars to electric ride-ons, new models in 2024 offer exciting designs to spark kids' imaginations.

Outdoor toys encourage physical activity, imagination, and family bonding. The latest games make it easier than ever to get kids off screens and out into nature.

Tech/Video Games

Technology and video games continue to advance and provide new immersive experiences for kids. Some of the latest tech and video game releases include:

VR Kids (PlayStation VR2)- This new virtual reality game allows kids to explore different worlds and go on adventures. They can swim with dolphins, fly on dragons, or build their own virtual room. The immersive VR experience makes it feel like kids are really there.

Code Creatures (Nintendo Switch)- Kids can learn coding concepts in this new game by controlling cute creatures and guiding them through puzzles and challenges. As they advance, kids unlock new code blocks and can customize their own worlds.

RoboBuddy (iOS/Android)- This clever robot companion engages with kids through speech recognition and educational mini-games. As kids play with RoboBuddy more, it adapts and gets to know their interests.

Nature Explorer (iOS/Android)- Equipped with augmented reality, this mobile app game allows kids to discover and interact with realistic 3D animals. They can bring lions, tigers, bears and more into their real environment for an immersive educational experience.

These innovative games utilize the latest technology like VR, AR and artificial intelligence to provide one-of-a-kind interactive experiences that engage and educate kids.

Entertainment/Media Tie-In Games

Kids love games based on their favorite TV shows, movies, books, and characters. This allows them to further engage with the fictional worlds they enjoy. Some notable entertainment tie-in games being released in June 2024 include:

A new Sonic the Hedgehog 3video game will launch alongside the movie release in December. The game promises speedy platforming action and bosses to defeat. Fans of the speedy blue hedgehog will be excited to play through levels inspired by locations in the film.

For young Minecraft fans, Minecraft: The Moviehits theaters in April 2025. An accompanying video game will let kids play through scenes and environments from the movie. The creative sandbox elements of Minecraft lend themselves well to a movie tie-in game.

A second video game based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy'shorror franchise is slated for 2024. The games allow players to take on the role of a security guard trying to survive the night alone at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Fans love the tense, scary gameplay.

Look for more games inspired by kids' favorite TV shows, movies, books, and characters as entertainment studios capitalize on popular brands. These let kids extend the experience into interactive gameplay.

Classic Game Updates

Classic board games and puzzles are getting modern updates to appeal to today's kids. Usaopoly (The Op), a board game publisher, has launched new versions of Monopoly and Guess Who featuring the popular kids' TV show Paw Patrol. The new Monopoly Junior: Paw Patrol Edition is a simplified, faster version of the classic real estate trading game with a fun Paw Patrol theme and characters. Guess Who? Paw Patrol Edition also features characters from the show for kids to ask questions and eliminate until they find the right dog or vehicle. These new versions add variety and modern interest to classic games in an effort to engage and entertain today's youth.

Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/toys-games/the-op-brings-paw-patrol-to-tabletop-with-monopoly-and-guess-who

Games Promoting Creativity

Creativity and imagination are key developmental skills for children. Game makers have responded with a range of new titles aimed at nurturing creative thinking in fun and engaging ways. Here are some of the most innovative games promoting creativity for kids in June 2024:

Squiggle Scoot (ages 3-5) - This new offering from PlayColors has kids drawing their own vehicles like cars, planes, and boats. As they draw, their creation comes to life on screen and can be maneuvered through colorful environments. It promotes open-ended play and creative problem solving.

Lego Music Maker (ages 5-9) - Kids can place Lego bricks on a pad to create their own music. Different brick colors make different sounds, allowing children to experiment with songs, rhythms, and melodies. This award-winning game develops creative thinking through musical play.

Imagine That! (ages 8-12) - This app allows kids to create their own augmented reality stories. They choose backgrounds and make their own characters, props, and animations. Imaginations run wild as children bring their stories to life through technology.

With such innovative offerings, game companies are giving kids exciting new ways to exercise their creativity. These games show how technology can inspire children to dream, design, and create.

Games for Specific Age Groups

Many new games released in June 2024 are tailored for specific preschool age ranges. Funko Games recently revealed two new cooperative games based on Dr. Seuss books that are designed for ages 3-5. The games feature simple rules and encourage turn-taking, matching, and counting skills. Building Brains & Bodies has also expanded their curriculum of games that build executive function with new offerings aimed at 3 and 4 year olds. These games use a progression of challenges to develop critical thinking and problem solving. Additionally, Peaceable Kingdom has released "Blue Plate Scramble," a cooperative game for ages 3 and up that teaches teamwork, planning, and memory skills through fun food-themed play.

Unique/Niche Games

Some of the most interesting new games in 2024 are filling niche needs or taking unique approaches. One example is The Purge: #2074 The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Game, which brings the popular movie franchise to a board game format using Shrinky Dinks craft pieces. While not as polished as mainstream games, it provides a creative tie-in for fans of the movies. Another niche game garnering attention is Yeti Microphone's streaming platform game designed to teach kids how to produce high-quality videos and engage viewers. With the rise of kid influencers, this game taps into that interest while promoting creativity and online skills.


In conclusion, the latest trends in children's games this June 2024 highlight several key themes. Educational games continue to integrate more advanced technology like AI and VR to make learning immersive. Outdoor and physical games are promoting more movement and imaginative play. Classic board games and video games are getting modern upgrades with new themes and gameplay modes. There is also more emphasis on niche games for specific interests, ages, or accessibility needs. Some standout examples include a new Pokemon Go-style augmented reality zoo game, an elementary school math game using holograms, an updated voice-controlled version of the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos, and a building block set designed for children with visual impairments. While video games remain popular, many of the most unique new games aim to blend digital with physical play. Overall, the main trends show an emphasis on making all types of games more educational, imaginative, accessible, and well-rounded. With such a diverse range of high-quality games available, there are more options than ever before to find the perfect games to educate and entertain kids of all ages and interests.


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